How to implement the idea?

Anyone can come up with a Good Idea, but there is a shortage of executors of ideas.
You probably know that everything related to real estate is a profitable,
but extremely labour- and resource-intensive venture.

Initial task:

  • Preparation of schedules and action plans
  • Preparation of the project budget
  • Clear task assignments to designers, network owners, builders and supervisors
  • Determination of amounts and quality requirements
  • Obtaining of technical specifications


  • We know what professionals should be involved based on their qualifications and experience
  • From our experience we know exactly who is capable of what (the circle of good professionals is actually small)
  • We are able to evaluate in due time at what stage to order one or other work
  • We ensure the smooth interaction between the work of different specialists


  • Preparation of necessary material for procurement (initial task, project, etc.)
  • Selecting potential candidates for performing the work
  • Preparation of procurement conditions
  • Performing procurements
  • Assistance to the customer in making choices and awarding contracts

Object acceptance:

  • Creating the rules for acceptance of the object
  • Involvement of competent supervision and officials
  • Quality testing
  • Preparation of implementation documents
  • Application for authorisation for use

Experience in numbers:

Over the years knowledge is gathered and ever more cooperative relationships are being created. VKP Projekt has the experience to share.


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